Why Wild Goose Publishing?

Welcome to Wild Goose Publishing – a specialised publishing company for Christian writers. Our team are dedicated in playing their part in what we believe is a revival of great Celtic Christian writers in these isles. We believe God is doing something special – A Celtic Christian Literary Revival! He is calling out those who have a story to tell in the unique way only they can. He is calling out the ‘Rebel’ & ‘Warrior’ hearts of His people in these lands to ignite a fire that will spread all over the world.

Many years ago, Celtic Christianity produced wonderful writings that helped so many hearts on their pilgrimage through enemy territory and on into eternity – writings like those of St. Patrick, St. Colmcille and many more. Celtic Christianity, as Thomas Cahill put it in his book, saved civilisation (taken from his book ‘How the Irish saved civilisation’).

So, What’s your story?

It’s all about story, it’s weaved into our very fabric, the very essence of who we are. What’s the story you have that needs to be told? We would love to help you on that journey to reach your readers, your audience and the imaginations & hearts waiting for what you have to tell them.

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to advance the Kingdom. Our very ethos is aligned to this. We want to guide ‘Warrior Poets’ and ‘Rebel Authors’ on their missions by producing their works to a standard that reflects the King himself. We adhere to the highest publishing standards and we believe we can set a new standard in Christian book publishing and creativity.

Meet Our Team

Noel Kenny – Senior Pastor Liberty Church Dublin

Rob Duff – Pastor Liberty Church Dublin

Sarah McMahon – Head of Journey Bible & Creative Production Chief

Bernard Harris – Author Partnership Chief

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