Is God enough?

Is God Enough? A beautifully crafted story outlining a journey with God through pain, loss and lament. Some early readers have compared Sarah to John Eldredge and his style of writing. The author holds nothing back and with this uncovers hidden signposts to the beauty the God had in store.



Are you there, God? Are you real? 

How could you let this happen? 

Do you even care?

Sometimes our questions to God can feel like knocking on the door of a house that nobody is answering.  What if God is right beside us on the porch, inviting us to turn and take a walk with Him?

We go to God with our complaints, disappointments and sorrows and if we are honest, we have an expectation of how God should answer.  What if he answers with Himself? 

As a modern-day lament, this is not a ‘how-to’ book. It is not a Christian book of principles to observe in hard times. Nor is it a fairy tale of trouble followed by great triumph, with ‘they lived happily ever after’ stamped at the end. Rather, it is a gritty book, full of questions, that led the author on an unimaginable journey of discovering God afresh.

This book is an invitation for other souls wanting God to meet them just as they are.

What people say about the book.

Dancing in Antipodes demands savouring like a piece of  dark chocolate, underlining the pearls of insight and beauty that touch my soul.” Jess Corban, Author of ‘A gentle tyranny’

Filled with hidden (and not so hidden) gems from the Scripture and working wisdom, Dancing in Antipodes is a journey of the heart which touches one intimately.” Nina Peck, Author of ‘Ya’acov’s Well’

“You feel the passion of the author as she fights to create a deeper life of faith. A rare view of an intimate journey to trust Christ when foundations of life have been savagely shaken. O’Brien artfully captures the shifts of mood and whirl of internal debates between herself and God. A rich and helpful book.”  Craig A Roberts, PhD, author of Serenity: Celtic Poetry to bring you closer to God.

About the Author

What Sarah says about this book:

“…a unique book of questions written by this barren poplar during a winter season of the soul.  It’s a gritty account of my roots pushing into the deep in search for authentic truth, sustenance and the promise of a wind song to once again dance to. There is a melody that runs through these pages; not the same as the summer breeze, but one that swirls around and envelops the weary wondering soul, like a soft blanket of snow wrapping up tree branches. This book is an invitation for other homeless souls frantically trying to survive the ‘in between’ to pause, be still and listen.  There is a song seeking to weave us together whole in the season of the ‘in between;’  in between the now and the not yet, in between ideas, cultures, and creeds, in between religion and truth, and in between head and heart. 

At 18 years of age, while living in France, Sarah asked God for 3 things: “I want to know you more God — even if it leads me beyond the boxes I already have for you, I want to understand your heart for people around the world, and I want someone to share this journey with.” She has not been disappointed. Bruce, rocking his eighties mullet, flashing blue eyes and tan skin captured her heart in 1991.

Today they celebrate 27 years of marriage and 4 children. Although Sarah holds an American passport and accent, she celebrates New Zealand as the fourth country she has lived in and now resides.

Currently, Bruce and Sarah are leaders of a Christian community called El Rancho that reaches out to both national and international communities through Christian Camping. Sarah is a published author through Focus on the Family, an ordained minister in the USA Vineyard Church and holds a degree in Social Work.


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