St. Patrick’s Testimony Pamphlet & Poster (pack of 100)

This beautifully designed booklet walks you through St. Patrick’s testimony bringing to life his rich and deep relationship with the Lord. The format and structure allows the reader to uncover how Patrick engaged with scripture and how he applied it to his daily life. In the middle of the booklet there is a poster of St. Patrick’s breastplate, a wonderful and powerful prayer loved by millions across the world.

The cost is 100 pamphlets for €55 plus postage.

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Please pray for the Lord’s anointing on this pamphlet.



  1. St. Patrick’s Testimony Pamphlet
    We believe that for Revival to come in Ireland it is key that bridges are built between what
    the Holy Spirit is doing in the historic churches and what the Holy Spirit is doing in the
    Pentecostal/newer Churches.

Together ECI and Wild Goose Publishing have published a revised version of St. Patrick’s
Confession. We have called it the St. Patrick’s Testimony Pamphlet. In
researching for this we discovered that Patrick quoted all or part of 70 different Scripture
verses/passages in his relatively short Confession which is actually his Testimony. Praise
God. He had a high regard for Scripture which underlay everything he did.

Our Prayer is that this initiative will contribute to redeeming Irish Celtic Christianity,
inspire us to give a priority to evangelism and foster Christian unity as Jesus prayed for
in John 17. It is wonderful that St. Patrick, being pre Reformation, is potentially a
wonderful uniting figure in Christianity in Ireland.

The cost is 100 pamphlets for €55 plus postage.

For individual copies please email us at

Please pray for the Lord’s anointing on this pamphlet.

Endorsements of St. Patrick’s Testimony Pamphlet

  • “This pamphlet is quite extraordinary – the life of the patron saint of Ireland cross referenced with his own 70 scripture passages. What an amazing ecumenical resource for a time such as this”
    Bill Horton,  The Community of the Risen Christ, Glasgow


  • “This is a beautifully produced little pamphlet capturing the heart of St Patrick’s testimony in his own words. A great gift for anyone with a desire to learn more about Celtic Spirituality from its founder!” Dominic McDermott, Source Community, England.


  • “The testimony of St. Patrick is not just a unique historical document from the past. It speaks eloquently of a great man’s witness to his relationship with the Living God, who in Jesus Christ invites us all to a relationship with Him”.
    Rt Rev Ferran Glenfield, Bishop of Kilmore & Elphin, Cavan.


  • “The St. Patrick’s Testimony pamphlet is magnificent. It is very readable and a great opportunity for all to awaken to the Living Christian Spirituality that illuminated the Irish people, and through them inflamed a Europe grown cold to Christ”.
    Fr Damian Ryan PP, Manister, Co. Limerick

  • “There is a lot of myth and legend in this country around our patron Saint Patrick. The leaflet “The testimony of St. Patrick” dispels this and rather gives a clear, concise and truthful account of his life and the gospel of Jesus Christ that he clearly preached”.
    Rev. Trevor Stevenson, COI Rector Crinken, Co. Dublin

  • “I like the overall format – it is user friendly and ‘fit’ for the 21st century. I like the way you have broken up the text into sections which are readable in bitesize chunks.  I love the ‘Breastplate’ on one side. one could very well put the ‘Breastplate’ on its own and even frame it for the wall of a bedroom etc.” Fr. John Murray PP Downpatrick, Co. Down

  • “It is a beautiful reproduction of what is the oldest and most important document of the Irish people. It is a link with the beginning of a 1,500 year history of Christianity on our island.” Pastor John Ahern, All Nations Church, National Stadium, Dublin ” 
  • A relevant and much needed depiction of Patrick for today, St. Patrick’s Testimony is a beautifully attractive pamphlet that presents Patrick as a continuous seeker of God whose honesty and struggle is timeless. Far more than a history or chronicle, it is a springboard and path to know and follow Jesus today”
    Fr. John Nally, PP Ashbourne, Co. Meath

  • “I love it. I am very happy to endorse it as an excellent summary of Patrick’s creed and of what Ireland’s first Christians were taught. It was this worldview that made possible the vocation to become a land of saints and scholars.’” Rev. Dr. William Olhausen, COI, Rector, Killiney Co. Dublin

  • Thank God history has preserved an accurate record of Patrick’s Testimony.  An example of what God can do with one sold out for Him. As you read it may God the Holy Spirit inspire and anoint you to become all He has created you to be and do. Pastor Trevor Hill , River of Life & Plumbline Ireland Team Leader, Athlone, Co.Westmeath


  •  “I love the St. Patrick’s Testimony pamphlet.  It’s our story wrapped up in Patrick, our story of Jesus in our nation…there is real treasure in this Pamphlet”
    Pastor Noel Kenny Liberty Church, Dublin

  •  “This is a wonderfully innovative way to celebrate St Patrick and his pioneering of the Gospel in Ireland. This booklet, opening out into a beautiful poster, will provoke questions and conversations as we face a very different Patrick’s Day. I congratulate and commend all those involved in its production, and pray God will use it to transform lives.” 
    Pastor Nick Park, Executive Director, Evangelical Alliance Ireland

  • “This is a wonderful resource in the lead up to St Patrick’s Day. This beautifully presented and laid out evangelical resource will form the core of our parish celebrations of our National saint.  St Patrick’s Testimony combines knowledge, understanding and inspiration which, added together, lead to a deeper love of Patrick, the Gospel and the Lord. I love that it is rooted in Scripture. Sincere and deep gratitude to all involved.
    Fr. Joe McDonald, PP Celbridge, Co. Kildare

  • What a delight to receive such a concise and readable version of St. Patrick’s Testimony with the poster size version of The Breastplate.  My parishioners were delighted to receive it as we prepare to celebrate our Nation Patron’s feast day.” 
    Fr Padraig Gleeson PP Sallynoggin Parish, South Dublin



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